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We Can't Do It Alone , We Need Your Support
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Thursday, 8 June 2017

The water crisis in India

After the independence the government promised making water available to every villages of the country. But because of problem of management water stills being a problem.
The water supply is erratic.

Also millions of liters of pure drinking water are available for sale through commercial outlets and millions of liters of water is supplied by commercial firm through water tankers.

This problem welcomes people to use other water than the public water. Often this water is not clean. We won’t do a list of all the problems induced by this. The health of people and especially children is in danger. The water situation is worse than before. All Indian water bodies within and near population centers are now grossly polluted. Also interstate disputes over river waters add something to the problem.

Groundwater extraction is growing and has become increasingly unsustainable. Groundwater levels are declining steadily. A lack of proper wastewater treatment from domestic, industrial, and mining sources has meant that groundwater is being progressively contaminated.India is also facing a rising number of interstate and trans-border river conflicts.These problems are dangers for India’s food, water, energy, environment, and health sectors. Nearly half of India’s jobs are now in the agricultural sector. If the current trends continue, by 2030 nearly 60% of Indian aquifers will be in a critical condition. This means that some 25% of the agriculture production will be at risk.
This would aggravate India’s employment situation and the others problems with.


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