We Can't Do It Alone , We Need Your Support

We Can't Do It Alone , We Need Your Support
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Friday, 31 July 2015

(WASH In School )Sanitation Kit & Soap Distribution In 7 Schools

(WASH In School )Sanitation Kit & Soap Bars Distribution In 7 Schools ,Soap bars is supported by Soapbox.
Awareness regarding water sanitation hygiene and menstrual hygiene workshop for girls were organized in 7 schools in Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh . We distributed sanitation kit and soap bars to students . Total 4000 Soap bars were given to students of 7 schools . Soap bars were supported by SoapBox

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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Jharkhand girl kills self over lack of toilet at home

DUMKA: A 17-year-old girl killed herself after failing to persuade her parents to build a toilet in their house. Khushboo Kumari, a first year BA student in A N College, Dumka, hanged herself at her Gaushala Road home Friday, embarrassed to have to go out to the fields for daily ablutions.
"Khushboo would insist we build a toilet inside the house. We built a boundary wall instead," said the teen's mother Sanjhu Devi, adding, "She'd often go to her grandfather's home nearby to relieve herself." The family owns a pucca four-room house with a courtyard but a toilet was never a priority.
Sripati Yadav, Khushboo's father said he planned to save money for her marriage rather than build a toilet.

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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Theme Of World Environment Day June 5th 2015 .
“Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume With Care
Come Join Us Our " Green Earth Project To Promote & Protect Environment"

The Reason for Change.

The Reason for Change.
“Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume With Care.”
Isn’t this too distressing for one to grasp at one go?
Well this theme relates to the most important part of one’s life i.e. Environment which is depleting because of our own selfish nature and needs.
Have you ever thought about, if there would be no environment then how you could survive on this planet earth which is considered to be the only living planet on this solar system? The theme of this day contributes to the sustainable consumption and production.
Are you aware about sustainability? If not, then let me give you a short sight of it.
Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs.
Now that you know what sustainable means, your mind would be wondering that how can we help our environment through this?
Well how about turn off the engine of your car while waiting at a traffic signal or at a gas station? I understand it gets too hot and it gets really itchy to bear the heat, but will you die if your bear the heat?
Your body can bear the heat but it’s your selfish nature to waste and misuse the natural resources whether it is petrol, diesel or gas.
Not only that, a major necessity liked water is also not yet consumable by many living beings on this planet. Why does your nature feel happy to let a person die in need of a basic source?
A view by - Simran Bhalla

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Celebrating Menstrual Hygiene Day !

                                         Celebrating Menstrual Hygiene Day !
                                                         28th May


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“My stomach hurts”!
This is a very common sentence said by every other women all over the world while she is on her period. Does this hurting make her unhygienic and impure?
Today on Menstrual Hygiene Day, I would like to raise some points where the world is making one of the natural tendency a big TABOO.
Is pooping not a natural tendency? You discuss your ‘potty’ easily with your near ones but why can’t a female share that her stomach hurts because she is on her “Periods”.
Our elders think that while a girl is on her “periods”, she is impure as she is excreting waste that can make her surrounding unhygienic and make other also infected with that “VIRUS”.
You want a Bleeding Girl when you wish to marry her so that she can raise your family, while she is bleeding you treat her like a ghost and disrespect her, is that what humanity stands for?
Not only elders but men in our society too make fun of our natural tendency that happens with every girl. If her pants have stained you laugh instead of helping her. WOW! This is what you do to make someone ashamed of themselves and humiliate them for your happiness?
Don’t you have a life of your own to deal with?
At last, this is my humble request to all the readers and viewers to work on their non- sense thinking and let a women live with her head held high and respect her for her pain that she suffers as it’s a gift of god to every women and you are the “unlucky one”.
A View By - Simran Bhalla

Friday, 15 May 2015

HEEALS In News !

HEEALS In News !
On 6th May 2015
HEEALS Water Sanitation Hygiene & Menstrual Hygiene and Sanitation Kit Distribution Campaign Was Highlighted In Danik Bhaskar (Himachal Edition ) National Newspaper.

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